Mr X

Det finns någon på Tumblr och Twitter som heter Mr x som säger att han kommer att skjuta Harry ikväll när de uppträder på Madison Square Garden. så här skriver han.

”A few weeks ago, you all doubted me. i proved you wrong just by saying that Haylor would be spotted out in public and Payzer would get back together on dec. 2nd.

In a few hours one will leave, one will get shot, two will admit and one will commit. All when the lights disappear. Worry about the one who’ll wear blue, has pleanty of tattoos, and received the most boo’s. Forget about all the jokes, the one who smokes, and the first who spoke. Be prepared, my dear. Tomorrow it will be all here.

Tick tock goes the clock that will end it all. Don’t be suprised when you see the curly one fall, I’ll be there in the crowd close enough to touch, but no matter what you do it won’t be enough. if all goeas as planned all will be dead. tick tock One Direction, you will lose your head.

the birds will no longer be living. his once alice lips will be blue and cold. the irish will no longer be able to breath. mabye shot or not. While daddy will have the arrows point him out of his boy band One Direction. That will be no more by tomorrow’s performance at MSG. (sen står det något jag inte kan se)

the one with the birds on his cheast wont be flying much longer. They will reach there gloomiest ‘moments’ MSG tonight. The boys will come on stage preparing to sing, however one won’t , with me in the wing.

the one with curly hair and emerald green eyes, such a pity it is, to see the doom arise. He’ll get ready to start, As i load my gun. Quick shot to the head

this boy will soon be done

you have been warned he will soon be no more. Instead of five boys in 1D there will only be four”


han har även skrivit det här tidigare

five little birds trapped in a cage, one little bird fell off the stage. Four little birds. the cage is getting narrow, one litte bird got shot by an arrow. Three little birds come out to play. one will die at the end of the day. Two little birds one about to die, no one hears his pain cries. The four dead birds the last on mourned, his heart was tragically torn.


the one with the hanger is in danger, the one with the arrowes is the saver. The mirror will fall, the innocent, hated one will leave. The other will do anything to cover this up, it’s all happening soon

tick tock, tick tock as time goes on, it will be revealed at 2:49. the next song. the blue eyed boy will be the one who suffers the most, but won’t be the one that hits the post.

Jag börjar faktiskt bli lite rädd, de här är faktiskt mordhot. Jag vet inte vad jag ska tro… Det skulle vara fruktansvärt tråkigt om det faktiskt är sant!




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